Business Incentives

1.     Building Sahuarita Partners in Development

The Town of Sahuarita recently launch a program to pro-actively work with developers, contractors, landowners, architects, and other agencies to streamline the process of undertaking commercial development and tenant improvements in Sahuarita.

The program focuses on the needs of the client, the business owners and “end user”, who will need to have a building available for lease, sale, or occupation within a specified time period. The new program has a dedicated project manager to ensure that all parties in the process are working toward pre-agreed timelines in order to meet the planned opening date for the business.


2.    No business license fees; no impact fees; no town property tax

The Town of Sahuarita is pro-business and charges no business license fees, no impact fees and no local property taxes.

The Town Council recently made the decision to no longer require business license fees in order to encourage more businesses to open and conduct business in Sahuarita. Businesses do have to register with the Town, so officials know what products and services are being provided but there is no longer a business license fee.

This is a great example of Sahuarita’s business-friendly attitude.

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